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Currently residing in Santa Fe, NM I am a Director, Husband, New Mexican, and a Creative. Originally from Carlsbad New Mexico I left the first chance I got and toured for several years playing music with bands in Colorado, Texas, and New Orleans. I have worked numerous jobs as a graphic designer, motion graphics artist, editor, and cinematographer, and yes I have waited plenty of tables in between… Exploring a vast array of visual skill sets I have found my passion as a director.


More than anything I am a visual storyteller. Being a cinematographer myself, my directing style puts a lot of emphasis on how the characters and scenarios are visually represented and the emotional weight which that represents. I have found that I am drawn to more dramatic stories where the compositing of the image, sound, and thematic subtext have a stronger power to create a conscious and emotional response within the viewer. As filmmakers we want to to tell stories and draw emotions out of the viewers, whether it’s laughter, inspiration, love, sadness, etc…and that is what we hope to accomplish.


Skill Sets: Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Writer / Composer / Motion Graphics / VFX / Designer

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